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Soundboard Transducers - A New Form of Artistic Application

The use of electronics for pianos is “old hat”. Yet electronics have rarely served artistic and creative expression, if at all. They have mainly to do with muting, “player pianos” or pop music, which booms out of the soundboard of late. 

Electronics offer a multitude of professional applications, however, including:

  • The ability to play in all historical and non-traditional temperaments or to switch to another tuning system in a matter of seconds! 
  • Live performances of quarter-tone music from the early twentieth century
  • Works for piano with live electronics from a sound source, that is, from the soundboard.

The transducers also provide access to of a variety of piano temperaments. This second application had already aroused the interest of pianist and Professor of Piano at the University of Arts in Teheran. In order to adapt ancient Persian music to the piano, he needed pianos with Eastern temperaments and microtones. Western instruments must also be capable of authentically performing Eastern music.

Exhibitor: Steingraeber & Söhne KG



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