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Founding year April 1981 town Crailsheim from founder Gerhard Fischer Produktion of very fine street organs for privat use and also for busines.

1982 3 Employee. In the year 1985 change to own production of all components to build street organsModels from 20 up to 31 tone scale are available. Start with export our Instruments around the World. 

From the year 1988 to1989 we developed our new System "GEFI-Nobatronic" for 20 and 26 tone scale.The new system for street organs comes in 1990 on the market and make us unique.1996 we move last time to our adress we are now.

5 Employee are still working everyday to make a very unique Instrument where makes people happy. Of corse also all people the hear such a Instrument. 2 of the founders are still working in the company. Sometimes also one of the retired employee. 

36 years we are manufacture of street organs now.

Kind regards
Kai Rafeldt


DELEIKA Street Organ NT 26/44 wood inlay. Instrument with 26 tone skale and 44 wooden pipes. Operated with Paper roll and Memory system. (to store the music.

DELEIKA Street Organ NT 20/31 wood inlay. Instrument with 20 tone skale and 31 wooden pipes.

To use in rooms for fun for your self or on street for art and advertising and to strengthen health in the elderly and many other psosibilitys.


Waldeck 33
91550 Dinkelsbuehl

电话: +49 9857 97990
传真: +49 9857 979917

Kai Rafeldt
电话: +49 9857 97990

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