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ABEL is a leading manufacturer of high quality hammers used in the finest pianos. High skilled employees + innovative machinery guarantee customer-oriented products MADE IN GERMANY.

Alpentonholz Pahler

Andreas Pahler不断提升木材品质,迎接新的挑战。

AMA Verlag GmbH

In addition to classical sheet music and method books, AMA also specialized in method books for rock, pop and jazz. The majority of the books come with CDs.

Breitkopf & Härtel KG

乐谱 / 音乐丛书 布赖特科普夫 & 黑尔特尔

Carus-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Carus-Verlag is one of the leading publishers for choral music worldwide. Our repertoire contains over 25.000 modern Urtext editions of the most important European composers.


DELEIKA GmbH manufacture many different street organ model and versions with a passion for detail. Musical enjoyment at the turn of a hand. DELEIKA GMBH Drehorgelbau.

Doerfler GmbH

The Dörfler Master Bow is a hand made top quality product. Precious and exquisite materials guarantee a long life span.


Since 1894, FRANKE-VIOLINS is specialized in fine antique string instruments and bows.

GEWA music GmbH

GEWA and its team of experts stand for german engineering and development in all kind of musical instruments. A company rich in tradition and manufacturing in Germany.

Harmona Akkordeon GmbH

Harmona Akkordeon GmbH offers branded "Weltmeister" solo, button, piano, folklore accordions and diatonic harmonicas. Our Instruments are Made in Germany.

G. Henle Verlag


Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag GmbH

Sheet music for all instruments from one of the oldest German music publishers and fine string instruments from the master violin shop Klaus Ludwig Clement.

Karl Höfner GmbH & Co. KG

Höfner are the largest manufacturer of stringed instruments, guitars and basses in Western Europe.

Geigenbau Jacobi

Our Violin shop in Geisenheim, Germany provides professional services for stringed instruments - selling, repair & restoration (founded in 1997).


Jahn is one of the leading wholesalers of parts, tools, and accessories for uprights, grand pianos and historical keyboard instruments. 雅恩是零件,工具,和立柱,三角钢琴和历史键盘乐器配件的领先批发商之一。...

JOHANSE Exclusive GmbH

对声音的热爱, 古老的艺术在我们的汉堡提琴制作及修复室内得以传承,扎实的传统工艺结合我们的专业知识,让我们更加精益求精得服务于乐器演奏者并传达着德国的热情和诚信可靠。

Kollitz Fritz

Tonewood for woodwind, stringed & pluggerd instruments since 1890.

LAUBACH Stringed Instruments, Bows & Rosin

Laubach stringed instruments - 以实惠的价格传统的德国品质 - 我们的概念的基础!

Aug. Laukhuff GmbH & Co. KG

我们制作琴键 自1823年以来,我们作为琴键的供应者、开发者和顾问受到全球各地钢琴厂家的一致认可。

Logemann & Waibel OHG

German wood trading company with family tradition since 1972!

Moeck Musikinstrumente + Verlag GmbH

MOECK - fine wooden recorders made in Germany. Instruments for beginners, students and professionals, for ensemble playing and solo recitals. Sheet music for recorder, books.

J.C. Neupert GmbH & Co. KG

The J.C. NEUPERT workshops for historical keyboard instruments makes harpsichords, spinets, clavichords, virginals and fortepianos from various schools.

Niendorf Flügel-und Klavierfabrik GmbH


Roderich Paesold GbR

Today, Paesold is strengthening its position in the world market through extensive research and development activities. Paesold products are among the finest in the world.

Louis Renner GmbH & Co. KG

The action with its hammer heads largely influences the sound and touch of the pianist. This is why Renner actions are found inside the best grand and upright pianos worldwide.

Geigenbau Salerno

Violinmakingstudio Lillo Salerno sales stringed instruments and bows Manufacturer of master and workshop instruments.

Franz Sandner & Co.

A NAME KNOWN WORLDWIDE . For more than three generations, our competent craftmanship has resulted in manufacturing exceptional instruments which express our love of music.

Wolfgang Schiele Geigenbaumeister

Expert for high quality hand made string instruments, violins, violas, cellos.

Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH


Schott Music GmbH & Co. KG

坐落于德国莱茵河畔的朔特音乐有着两百多年的悠久历 史,为全球的音乐爱好者提供多样化的产品及服务。作 为世界顶尖的音乐出版社之一,我们的出版物涵盖从古 典到流行的各类音乐类型, 主要包括乐谱、教学书籍、儿童书籍等。朔特音乐以支持优秀作曲家为己任,为广大音乐从业者,音乐教育者以及各个年龄段的音乐爱好 者提供优秀的产品服务。

Lothar Semmlinger Streichinstrumente GmbH

Since 1980 Lothar Semmlinger makes high quality instruments in the field of cello, double bass, violin and viola.

SIKORSKI Music Publishers

古典音乐和现代音乐, 严肃艺术音乐和通俗艺术音乐, 德国音乐, 俄罗斯音乐和世界各国的音乐, 所有乐器的乐谱

Steingraeber & Söhne KG


Holzwerke Strunz GmbH & Co. KG

Supplier for high quality soundboards, ribs and keyboard material for pianos and grand pianos.

Wolfgang Teller Zupfinstrumentenbaumeister

Teller concert guitars for the pupil as well as for the professional guitarist.Orchester instruments from the octave to the bass guitar.

F.Arthur Uebel GmbH

1936年,弗里德里希·亚瑟· 雨博先生在德国马克纽克辛开设了自己的手工作坊。自此,雨博品牌就是单簧管先进的生产研发技术和的优质品质的保证。

Wiener Urtext Edition GesmbH & Co. KG


Jakob Winter GmbH

Jakob Winter, your specialist for high value, eco-friendly musical instrument cases.

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